Trendy Copper Jewelry Designs in Pennsylvania

Trendy Copper Jewelry Designs in Pennsylvania

Red Patinated Copper Tear Drop Earrings
Red Patinated Copper Tear Drop Earrings

Copper, a commonly-used component with a vast history, continues to charm jewelry enthusiasts with its simplicity and attractiveness. Hammered, magnetized, and patinated jewelry pieces have become quite trendy over the past few years in the fashion world. The versatile properties of copper lends itself very well to a jewelry designer’s creativity, allowing a wide variety of earrings, rings, cuffs, bangles, necklaces, and pendants. You now will find that many jewelry which is manufactured in silver is currently being created in copper. Why, because of the economy. It’s simple yet true. Because of the economy we can’t afford gold jewelry. Even the price of most silver jewelry is way too expensive for most to afford. As a base metal, copper still remains relatively cheap as compared to gold and silver.

Copper is a great alternative to the skyrocketing prices in the precious metal market. As a result, many Pennsylvania designers have discovered that Copper is exciting alternative. Because of its malleability, Copper is very easy to work with, lending itself to many design variations. Copper is very easy to cut, form, anneal, and fold into a wide variety of designs.

Fold Formed Copper Leaf Earrings - Large
Fold Formed Copper Leaf Earrings – Large

Copper – A Historical Background

Even though today many people are embracing copper jewelry, the discovery of this metal dates back to prehistoric man. Did you know that copper is the oldest mineral mined by man? Mining methods used to extract this metal ore were started about 5000 B.C. The Egyptians start producing copper items by the year 3,900 B.C. During this era, copper was commonly used to make household items, such as cooking pots. It helped to pave the way to modern civilization.

Properties of Copper Jewelry

Copper has many appealing properties that make it a favorite of many Pennsylvania jewelry designers and manufacturers. This may have much to do with its unique color and luster. With its rose-gold like hue, copper adds a warmth that looks great against almost any skin tone. Copper lends itself perfectly to those that like ethnic or earthy looking jewelry. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, copper is also tough and study, making it ideal for daily wear. Its affordable prices and a plethora of designs makes copper a fabulous alternative to gold and silver jewelry.

Copper has a long history of use in the realm of health. It is a necessary ingredient that boosts cartilage regeneration throughout the body, as well as the formation of tendons, bone, and other connective tissue. Low amounts of copper in the human body can result in high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease – among other cardiovascular ailments. Although folk lore abounds with stories of how the wearing of copper helps ease the pain and discomfort of arthritis, there is no conclusive evidence to confirm these claims. Anyway, copper plays a positive role in people’s life.

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