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Copper Fold Formed Hoop Earrings
Copper Fold Formed Hoop Earrings

Copper metal jewelry, with its substantial history in jewelry making, continues to be a trendy alternative amongst fashionistas. Its warm tone and extensive assortment of designs makes it a great alternative metal. Many copper jewelry designs can be seen walking down the fashion runways this season. Innovative jewelry designers are creating fabulously designed earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets using copper. Recently, a number of jewelry designers are now making their sterling silver designs in copper. The reason for this is simply the economy. The skyrocketing price of gold due to the poor performing economy has made most gold jewelry too costly to afford. The price of gold and silver have sky rocketed! Compared to gold, silver and pearl jewelry, copper jewelry is relatively cheap.

In order to keep jewelry affordable, many jewelry designers in San Francisco have recently introduced copper jewelry. This is mainly due to the steep rise in commodity prices for gold and silver. Because of this, many designers have discovered that Copper is exciting alternative. Because of its malleability, Copper is very easy to work with, lending itself to many design variations. Copper is also very pliable and thus easy to cut, form and fold.

Copper Throughout the Ages

Diagonal Fold-formed Copper Bangle Bracelet
Diagonal Fold-formed Copper Bangle Bracelet

Around 10,000 years ago, copper was discovered by prehistoric man, then later used in mass production by the Egyptians and Sumerians. Hence, copper jewelry has been around for quite a long time. Copper jewelry has been loved throughout the ages for its beautiful physical properties, positive health benefits, and its affordable price..

Features of Copper Jewelry

Copper has many appealing properties that make it a favorite of many San Francisco jewelry designers and manufacturers. These appealing properties are copper’s unique color and luster and malleability. When new and unfinished, copper presents with a beautiful shiny pinkish-hue, similar to rose gold. Copper lends itself perfectly to those that like ethnic or earthy looking jewelry. Sturdy and tough, copper is an ideal metal for everyday wear. It also provides an affordable alternative to popular higher-priced gold options.

While this mineral is found in various foods, some people believe it can also be worn in the form of jewelry to provide even more curative powers. The fact that wearing copper jewelry can alleviate the pain of arthritis is promoted by both jewelers and wearers. What’s more, it is said that copper is beneficial in the diet and good for blood circulation. Although folk lore abounds with stories of how the wearing of copper helps ease the pain and discomfort of arthritis, there is no conclusive evidence to confirm these claims. Anyway, copper plays a positive role in people’s life.

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