Amazing Colorado Copper Jewelry Designs

Copper Fold Formed Cuff Bracelet
Copper Fold Formed Cuff Bracelet

Classy Colorado Designer Copper Jewelry

Copper, a commonly-used element with a vast history, continues to enchant jewelry lovers with its simplicity and natural beauty. Many copper jewelry designs can be seen walking down the fashion runways this season. The versatile properties of copper lends itself very well to a jewelry designer’s creativity, allowing a wide variety of earrings, rings, cuffs, bangles, necklaces, and pendants. Recently, quite a few Colorado jewelry designers are now making their sterling silver designs in copper. One of the reasons behind this trend is the stagnant economy. It’s simple yet true. The skyrocketing price of gold due to the poor performing economy has made most gold jewelry too costly to afford. The price of gold and silver have sky rocketed! Copper jewelry still tends to be more affordable compared to gold, silver, and platinum jewelry.

Because of skyrocketing prices in Gold, Silver, and Platinum, Copper has become a great alternative metal for many jewelry designers in Colorado. Many jewelry artists and designers have found Copper as exciting alternative. Not only is Copper a less expensive metal to work with, its ease of workability makes for a wide variety designs while keep overall costs down. Copper is also very pliable and thus easy to cut, form and fold.

Prehnite Hammered Copper Chandelier Earrings
Prehnite Hammered Copper Chandelier Earrings

Copper Throughout the Ages

Around 10,000 years ago, copper was discovered by prehistoric man, then later used in mass production by the Egyptians and Sumerians. Hence, copper jewelry has been around for quite a long time. Its physical properties, affordable price, and positive influence on health have made copper jewelry a cherished adornment throughout the ages..

Qualities of Copper Jewelry

Copper has many appealing properties that make it a favorite of many Colorado jewelry designers and manufacturers. These appealing properties are copper’s unique color and luster and malleability. Copper has a warm hue that appears naturally flattering against any skin tone. Copper lends itself perfectly to those that like ethnic or earthy looking jewelry. Sturdy and tough, copper is an ideal metal for everyday wear. Copper is also a great alternative to higher priced rose gold jewelry.

Beyond is beautiful color and variety of designs, copper can also provide positive health benefits. Ancient Egyptians once used copper as a way to purify water for drinking. It has also been used as a medication for eye infections and other minor illnesses. Wearing copper jewelry is known to alleviate pain associated with arthritis and can improve blood circulation. Copper can play a vital role in a person’s life.

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